Commercialization Partners




In July of 2010, Rive and W.R. Grace & Co. entered into an agreement to jointly develop and commercialize Rive’s Molecular Highway technology for use in catalysts and additives for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) processes within a petroleum refinery.  Molecular Highway FCC catalysts developed by Rive and Grace have been trialed successfully in two refineries in North America, and are currently available from Rive and W.R. Grace.  For more information please see our announcement and contact Rive or your Grace account representative.


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In March of 2014, Rive and Zeolyst International entered into a Joint Development Agreement to further develop, manufacture, and market hydrocracking catalysts within the petroleum refining sector.  The agreement combines Rive’s recognized capabilities as a provider of innovative materials-based solutions for catalytic and separations processes in the petroleum refining industry with Zeolyst International’s leadership in hydrocracking, world class product development, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities.

Additional Partnerships

Rive partners with world class firms in their respective industries to commercialize Molecular Highway technology in several important markets, including refining, chemicals, biofuels and air and water purification.  Rive seeks additional partnerships in our focus areas with leading companies that:

-Apply expertise in using zeolite catalysts and adsorbents for diffusion-limited reactions

-Possess formulation capability involving catalysts

-Can test, evaluate, and predict product performance for industrial applications