Meet Changing Product Demands With Current Refinery Infrastructure

There is an opportunity to improve the economics of the FCCU and the refinery with new catalyst technologies that improve both coke selectivity and upgrade bottoms upgrading into high quality blending stocks for transportation fuels, diesel, and gasoline. But FCC catalyst innovation the last decade has largely focused on achieving these results through improved matrices, binders and additives, rather than improvements to the zeolite component of the FCC catalyst.

Rive has focused its research efforts on the zeolite component of the FCC catalyst and has developed Molecular Highway™ technology for introducing , mesoporosity into Y zeolites. The enhanced porosity leads to improved catalyst product selectivity, resulting in higher yields of desirable products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and light olefins, and less of undesirable products like heavy cycle oil, fuel oil and coke.

For more information on how the Rive catalyst provided improved bottoms upgrading to LCO and an improved gasoline yield, download the paper below:


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