Air & Water Purification

The unique porous properties of zeolites—often referred to as molecular sieves—make them valuable in a variety of air and water processes.  Zeolites are used extensively in both water and air applications in order to reduce pollution or clean-up contaminated materials. In both air and water, Rive’s Molecular Highway technology provides the developers of applications for these areas another tool to control the desired selectivity, and hence effectiveness, of the zeolite.


In air processes, zeolites’ adsorptive capability enables them to selectively remove a myriad of undesirable airborne contaminants/pollutants from air.  Zeolites have long been used in a variety of applications, from odor control to the removal of compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, organics, or carbon monoxide from airborne streams.  More recently, zeolites have been successfully applied to the removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from new high-efficiency diesel automotive engines, and to the control of hydrocarbon emissions during the cold start of gasoline engines.


In water processes, zeolites’ framework enables them to be readily exchanged for other types of metal in aqueous solutions. They are used extensively in water softening and purification to remove metals such as calcium or magnesium present in “hard” water. Zeolites are also widely used to replace phosphates in detergents and can be used to treat wastewater containing heavy metals, radioactive isotopes or harmful organic compounds.



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