Zeolites are utilized in many processes and applications throughout the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Rive’s Molecular Highway technology introduces a new opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of zeolites in many areas.



Separations is an energy intensive process using conventional technologies.  But in a recent US Department of Energy-sponsored study showed an adsorbent comprising Rive mesoporous zeolite X operated in a liquid phase separations process and produced better diffusion rates, and the potential to reduce energy consumption compared with the conventional distillation process.


Zeolite-based technology is used extensively in a wide variety of chemical applications. Uses of zeolites in chemical manufacture range from the synthesis of basic building block chemicals used in the production of common plastics such as styrene, polyester or polycarbonate resins, to the conversion of glucose to fructose to the manufacture of mannitol used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.


With the growing importance of natural gas as an energy source and the inaccessibility of many of these new sources to market outlets or distribution pipelines, gas to liquids processes are generating great interest because of their ability to converting natural gas to transportation fuels or chemicals.




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