Javier Garcia Martinez Named Young Global Leader

Javier Garcia Martinez is one of 230 Individuals Appointed to the Young Global Leader Forum for Distinguished Leadership

Cambridge, MA and Princeton, NJ (March 16, 2009) — Rive Technology, an innovative catalyst technology company for the
petroleum refining industry, announced today that its co-founder, Javier Garcia Martinez, was named a Young Global Leader
by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for his pioneering work in nanotechnology and energy, his leadership, and his
commitment to shaping a more sustainable global future. WEF each year recognizes distinguished young leaders below the
age of 40 from around the world. This year 230 individuals, including Javier Garcia Martinez, were selected from a pool of
almost 5,000 candidates. The Young Global Leaders Forum was established to bring together the world’s most extraordinary
young leaders in order to address today’s most pressing problems.

“I am honored that the World Economic Forum has chosen me as a Young Global Leader out of thousands of highly qualified
individuals,” said Javier Garcia Martinez, co-Founder of Rive Technology. “I am excited to be a part of such an outstanding
community of young leaders that share my passion to work towards a better global future.”

Javier invented Rive’s core technology, a proprietary zeolite catalyst for increasing the yield of transportation fuels produced
per barrel of crude oil, while a post doctoral student at MIT and continues to play a leadership role with the Company’s
technology development and intellectual property strategy. The technology is a proprietary method of modifying the pore
structure of a zeolite, making it more accessible to larger molecules in a feedstock. Rive selectively introduces mesopores
(pores nearly four nanometers in diameter) into a zeolite, allowing larger molecules to access the zeolite and get “cracked”
into valuable products. As a result, petroleum refiners obtain a higher yield of desirable products such as gasoline, diesel fuel,
and propylene, and less of undesirable products like heavy cycle oil and coke. Rive was recently honored with AlwaysOn’s
GoingGreen East 50 award for the disruptive potential of its catalyst technology as a cleantech solution.

This is not the first time Javier has been recognized as a leader in nanotechnology and materials science. He has published
more than thirty articles, three book chapters and two books on nanotechnology and energy and has worked in the world’s
leading nanotechnology laboratories, including MIT, Caltech and UC-Berkeley. In 2007, Javier received the TR 35 Award from
MIT’s Technology Review magazine and in 2005, he was awarded the Europa Medal, an honor given annually to the
outstanding European chemist under the age of 35. He also received the Silver Medal of the European Young Chemist Award
in 2006. Javier received his BS, MS, and PhD in chemistry at the University of Alicante, Spain, where he currently leads the
Laboratory of Molecular Nanotechnology.


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